I have always been creative person. I grew up in a family with diverse interests, including things like hunting and football. During elementary school I would always carry around a sketchbook. I needed some way to get out the imaginative thoughts in my head at every restaurant or gathering I would go to with my family. During high school , my creativity became more performative. I was highly involved in choir, band, and theatre. …

The goal of this project was to design packaging for a brand of our making. The brand needed to be for a sustainable product. Initial research pointed me in the direction of sustainable dental hygiene goods. Specifically, the products would be a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste tablets. Bamboo toothbrushes replace the common plastic toothbrush, which all end up sitting indefinitely in landfills. The toothpaste tablets are a toothpaste alternative that does not use a plastic container.

The name of the brand is simple, “brush”. Once the name was established, three moodboards were created to show possible visual directions. The first…

Lauren Gotvald

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