Case Study: Package Design

The goal of this project was to design packaging for a brand of our making. The brand needed to be for a sustainable product. Initial research pointed me in the direction of sustainable dental hygiene goods. Specifically, the products would be a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste tablets. Bamboo toothbrushes replace the common plastic toothbrush, which all end up sitting indefinitely in landfills. The toothpaste tablets are a toothpaste alternative that does not use a plastic container.

The name of the brand is simple, “brush”. Once the name was established, three moodboards were created to show possible visual directions. The first moodboard included bold color-blocking and simple shapes. The second possibility included moody colors and detailed floral illustrations. The third option had soft colors and natural textures.


From the two mood boards, I created drafts of two strong possible directions. I based these two draft ideas on feedback I had received from my peers. I placed these drafts on a simple mockup of a jar. After presenting these options, feedback showed that the direction with the black background would stand out more from the crowd. The floral elements also helped the brand to feel more natural.

Once a strong brand direction was established, I got to work on designing all the packaging the brand would use for the two products. The glass jar containing the toothpaste tablets would need a sticker. Due to the brand’s interest in standing out in the industry, the flavor featured on this jar is raspberry. The vast majority of toothpastes feature a minty flavor.

Toothpaste Tabs Jar

The jar would be sold in a recyclable box. I decided to design the box with a black background because it would stand out so much from the sea of red and blue found in toothpaste aisles. The package has information on how to use toothpaste tabs as they are not very common. Shown below is the box from multiple angles and die-line used to create it.

Toothpaste Tabs Box Front
Toothpaste Tabs Box Back
Toothpaste Tab Box Die-Line

The bamboo toothbrush would be sold in a compostable box, with a very similar design as the toothpaste box. The main difference would be that there are obviously no flavors for a toothbrush. The package includes information about how the bamboo is grown for the product.

Toothbrush Box Front
Toothbrush Box Back
Toothbrush Box Die-Line

I would say this project was successful for being one of my first attempts at branding. I found the research about sustainable products to be really interesting. It made me think twice about the products I am currently using. It also helped me to ensure future designs will always have an aspect of sustainability in mind.